Hume Pipe


The manufacture of high quality concrete pipes popularly known as HUME PIPE, is an important product of Mr.Concrete. The Pipes are made to Srilankan Standard Specification. Pipes are also manufactured to other international standards to suit a wide range of client’s requirements.
The Basic Principle is to adopt wall thickness, circumferential and longitudinal Pre-stress to ensure freedom from tensile stresses in the core pipe under the most severe combination of sustained internal pressure and external loads likely to occur in service.The Hume Pipes may be used widely for different applications like:

  • Pressure water transmission and distribution mains (Pumping & Gravity) for water supply, Drainage, Lift Irrigation Schemes.
  • Re-circulation and cooling water pipe lines. For plants like Thermal Power, Chemical, Cement, Fertilizer, Paper, Refineries etc.
  • Pressure water lines.
  • Large diameter inverted siphon.
  • Outfall Sewers.
  • Gravity Sewer Systems.
  • Storm water Drains.
  • Culverts.
  • Conveying any liquid, not corrosive to concrete including sea water and sewage force main.

The following load components are taken into consideration while designing these pipes:

  • Mass of Pipe
  • Bedding and Back fill
  • Mass of water in pipe
  • Construction traffic wheel loads
  • Sustained Internal Pressure
  • Highway traffic wheel loads
  • Surge
Concrete Hollow Blocks

Diameter:1 feet 6 inches

Specification: 4 feet


* The above prices may change without notification due to increase of the price of materials.
All Prices are in Srilankan Rupee (LKR)