Water Absorbtion Test

One of the most important properties of a good quality concrete is low permeability, especially one resistant to freezing and thawing. A concrete with low permeability resists ingress of water and is not as susceptible to freezing and thawing.

Water Absorbtion & Moisture content Testing is the most frequently used method worldwide for non-destructive testing of concrete and structural components. No other manufacturer offers such a wide range of different types of Hammer Testing. MrConcrete has a dedicated test lab and machinery for Water Absorbtion and Moisture content testing.

We take samples from each batch, allow to dry them,then measure the weight,keep in water for 24hours,then weigh the product. After that keep them in oven at 100 degerees celcius for 24 hours, then measure the weight and calculate according to standard method. Everyday, we randomly choose five samples for testing purpose from current production.